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  Commissioning Work

The process of commissioning work


The relationship between client and craftsman is an important one.  You will want to explore your options and to engage with the individual or team with whom you have the best rapport and the most confidence.  Criteria for selection will vary by project and client.  Indicators for success may be addressed through the artist’s portfolio of work, references and direct conversation, either by telephone or through a personal interview. 


Things to look for:

  • work that reflects a style to which you are drawn
  • capacity to execute a wide variety of styles and designs effectively
  • range of techniques which may apply to your project
  • experience in completion of projects like yours.

Whether you are doing a complete remodel, a kitchen, a library, your dining room or primary living space, or if you are looking to commission an individual piece of furniture, completion of the work will happen over anything from several weeks to many months.  A clear understanding between you and the artist, an agreement about the materials to be used and a sense of the timeline for completion are critical. 


Projects range from those that come with CAD drawings, to rough sketches, to folders of images from magazines, to broad concepts where execution of the vision will be left to the artist’s imagination.  Each of these circumstances offers a different set of opportunities and challenges and an open dialogue facilitates success.


At Piper Woodworking, initial contact is welcomed via telephone or e-mail.  We work with designers, contractors and individuals on a wide range of projects and across and broad range of styles.  When possible, the first consultation may occur at the shop, affording the client the opportunity to look at the operation, at completed work and work in progress, and to explore wood or veneer choices, if appropriate. 

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