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Architectural - Offices

This lovely home office was done in Swiss pear.  Note the pattern of the veneer  on the side and end panels of the desk.

With extensive storage, bookshelves and slide out shelving for printer and fax machines, this space also includes a small sitting area.

At the El Monte Sagrado Resort in Taos this beautiful desk and accompanying cabinetry in the Concierge’s Office.   



This desk has 2 legs that support a massive piece of petrified wood.  The base and credenza are in cherry with a textured surface for added interest.  The credenza features both cabinets with shelves and drawers to allow for storage of the broad range of necessities the concierge may be asked to provide.
This desk area was designed to fit in with the client’s living room décor.  The crotch mahogany veneer is exquisite.  In addition to full lateral file storage under the desk surface, both upper side cabinets pull out for maximum efficiency in storage and ease of use.
Petrified wood is the work surface on this redwood burl desktop, supported by a handworked barrel-staved redwood base.  Companion credenza and bookshelf/display unit complete the office suite.

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